Health & Fitness Program

Mens sana in corpore sano” ~Juvenal
(A healthy mind in a healthy body)


Health and Fitness emphasizes the concept of a sound mind in a healthy body. Through this individualized program, students will participate in physical training sessions based on their needs and interests. They will develop their mental and physical potential through relaxation and exercise. Ninth graders will participate in a weekly theory class on a variety of health and fitness topics that also support the curriculum.

The main health objective of each class is to increase awareness and tools for living a healthy lifestyle. Students will learn to create a balance between the four pillars of health: getting enough sleep; eating nutritious, healthy and delicious foods that will help them perform at their best; exercising to power-up body and mind; and dealing positively with stress. These goals will be monitored throughout the program. Ultimately, students will be able to integrate healthy habits into everyday choices.

Logistics of the Program

When signing up for class, students will fill out a questionnaire that will identify goals, interests, and other information that will help design the best program for each individual.

At the beginning of the program, cardiovascular endurance, strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, agility and speed will be assessed. Students will be evaluated again at the end of the season to see how they have improved.

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A Typical Class

1. Start each class with a 4-6 minute relaxation breathing exercise while listening to relaxing music.

2. Warm-up for 5 minutes and practice a routine of dynamic stretches afterwards.

3. Exercise according to an individualized program.

4. Cool-down and stretch

Once a week, students will participate in Interval Training. Designed to improve muscular endurance and mental toughness, intervals are a combination of short duration, high intensity cardiovascular exercises followed by a period of rest.


Connect to your potential: the program of physical and mental strategies is designed to help each student connect to his/her physical and mental potential.Aerobic and muscular endurance; strength; flexibility; speed; power; balance; and mental perseverance and resilience.

Process-focused development: conditioning and classroom sessions are planned as a developmental progression based on ongoing individual assessment of student’s physical, mental, emotional, and social goals and challenges.

Personalized approach: expectations, activities, and goals for each session are modified according to the results of ongoing assessment.

100% participation: students engage fully in an appropriate activity during class.If a student is not physically able to participate, s/he does another activity such as a relaxation CD or reading.

Safety always: safety protocols are taught and monitored continually.

Self-competition paradigm: students compete with themselves, not with other students in the class.

Honor uniqueness in a supportive environment: peers respect and encourage each other in the effort to develop all the components of fitness.

High expectations: the class tone sets high expectations for effort based on each student’s ability, interest, and motivation.

Foundation of wellness: the program teaches and provides practice for physical (exercise), mental (stress management), and lifestyle (sleep and nutrition) habits to support health and well-being.

In the Fitness Center, students will be expected to follow the rules and safety guidelines at all times.

Articles by Henri Andre, BB&N’s director of health and fitness
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