It's Official! Dr. Jennifer Price Installed as BB&N's Fourth Head of School

During an evening of laughter, poignancy, and energy, more than 500 community members gathered in a festively adorned Nicholas Athletic Center to celebrate the installation of Dr. Jennifer Price as BB&N's fourth head of school. The event signified the ceremonial beginning of her tenure at the school, but based on the comments of the speakers and tone of the evening, it was abundantly clear that in just her first three months, Dr. Price already has had a dramatic impact.

The 十一月ember 15th event featured speakers from all strata of the school community—including students from all three campuses—welcoming Price with humorous and thoughtful gifts, along with various performances that displayed the wide array of student talents. An 上学校 string quartet set the scene prior to the program and a funny performance by the 中学 student improv troupe allowed Price's daughter, BB&N eighth grader Elsie, the opportunity to roast her mother (much to the delight of the hundreds of guests in attendance). Capping the evening was a rousing rendition of "Put a Little Love in Your Heart" by the One School One Choir (如下图所示),合作演唱组由教师,职员,以及上,下学的学生,作为观众拍手和时间左右。

在一种发自内心的感人的敬意,主讲嘉宾帕特里夏ñ。 muumba(有医生在这里合影。价钱),感谢的价格为她的指导和改变生命支持。作为一个16岁的移民来自乌干达,初来乍到,在牛顿北高中,muumba找到了当时的主要价格作为导师和继续通过高中和大学对她瘦。目前她向康奈尔大学的建筑学学位课程的最后一年,帕特里夏还共同创立了muumba项目,一个非营利性的专门为那些没有在世界各地创造机会创新,影响力的教育空间。

“我有巨大的财富是一个学生博士价格的校长,指导者,以她的导师,最得意的一个朋友,” muumba说。 “而穿着这些帽子,我所看到的和感觉到,第一手,惊奇感,她带给每一种情况和每一个她所接触的人。”

Muumba outlined numerous lessons she had learned from Dr. Price: "Buckingham Browne & Nichols School, you are so fortunate to have Dr. Jennifer Price as the new Head of School," she spoke, with a tissue box nearby in the event of tears. "Dr. Price is a walking manifestation of what she believes in: kindness, strength, equality, inclusion, resilience, and scholarship. She represents what she wants the world to look like, and it will someday, because she was here in it."

When Price took to the podium, she began by thanking all in attendance for the opportunity to join BB&N, including a special shout-out to the students: "You are the reason I am here. In my short time at BB&N, I have been blown away by you all."

价格随后谈到与真诚的热情和她的商标坦率和幽默的与会者:“这是什么一个在安装说呢?”她打趣说。 “说实话,这有点感觉就像我是一个洗衣机或洗碗机。我不是在住还是很不错的...所以在安装的地方是不是真的去上班。”

价格持续,着眼于“教育的变革力量”,他指出该角色教育在她的生活和她的家人的轨道发挥了,并提供范例校友/ AE她和她的“倾听之旅”在今年夏季发言。

"Education clearly transforms lives. Here at BB&N, we have and continue to impact lives. This is a place where we provide life-changing opportunities for all of our students. I am honored and humbled to be trusted to lead this school into its next chapter of transforming lives and educating the next generation of Knights who will help leave this world just a little bit better than they found it."

As guests left the evening in high spirits, it was evident that BB&N's next chapter of transformation had already begun.